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The Brew Kit

At Aylesbury Brewhouse we brew all our limited edition beers using a three vessel, 8 bbl (approximately 2000 pints)  brew kit. We brew our beers using a traditional ale process to produce new and exciting cask ales with a modern twist.   

In 2011, ABC was reborn 75 years after the original Aylesbury Brewery closed down.


@ ABC we produce quality limited edition craft beers that are only brewed once.

We've done pale sea salt stouts, red German wheat beers, coconut stouts, loads of hoppy IPAs and other great recipies from the creative imagination and passion of brewer David Renton.

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"We only use the best ingredients, theres no point in compromising the taste and quality of the final beer just to save a few quid on cheaper grains and hops. Only the best will do"   David Renton  Brewer

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1 The Mash. Malted barley mixed with hot water goes in here, the mash tun, where starch is turned into sugars by enzymes

2 The Boil. The sugary water, unfermented sweet wort, is pumped into the kettle and boiled for 90 mins. Boiling cleans up the wort and seperates the proteins that we don't want in our beer.

Hops are then added throughout the boil. Hops are natural preservatives and stabilise the beer. Hops are also what gives the beer bitterness, taste and all those great aromas we enjoy.

3 Fermentation. The wort is the cooled and pumped into the fermenter. Yeast is added and eats away at the sugars turning them into CO2 and Alcohol.  After fermentation has finished the fermented wort is chilled and then racked into cask where it sits to condition up for you to enjoy.