hop pole brewery shop seating



Visit the Hop Pole brewery shop where you can find a huge selection of fantastic beers from around the world. why not sit in comfort and enjoy a bottle or two.

If fresh beer to take home is what you're after then look no further.

Brewed next door, the Hop Pole brewery shop offers the latest limited edition craft beers from Aylesbury Brewhouse Co.

You can't get much fresher than that

Also visit the brewery shop @ Vale Brewery in Brill

for a huge range of beers, wines and whiskys from around the globe.

Fresh beer is available to take away.

Call                           to order mini pins, poly pins and firkins of beer to collect from either

the Hop Pole or Vale Brewery.

Take back fresh beer to enjoy at home. Available in 2, 4 and 6 pint carry out containers straight from the cask.


18 pint minipins and 36 pint polypins are available bright* and sedimented which are ideal for long weekends or parties.




2, 4 and 6  pints @ £2 a pint

Minipin       £ 35

Polypin       £ 65

Firkin          £ 115 + £60 refundable deposit + £3.60 for tap and spile


* For bright beer please order 24 hours in advance

Some helpful terms

Bright beer:   Beer that has been put up and settled in the brewery and is ready to drink.


Sedimented (sedi):  Beer that still has the active yeast in and needs 24hrs to settle out before drinking.


Minipin: 18 pint bag in box. Great for a long weekend.

Polypin: 36 pint bag in box. Ideal for parties.

Firkin: 72 pints metal cask. fantastic for large parties and weddings.